How to add indicator on Tradingview

Note that only Elite members can access these indicators. If you want to try it out, please contact admin (@krisSky) through our discord server.

  • Log into Tradingview and choose your currency pair ex. BTCUSD
  • Click on indicators icon at the top navigation, select 'Invite-Only Scripts' on the side menu
  • Search for these : Buy/Sell Signal, Oscillator or Combined Signals
  • Add it as an indicator
  • Click on the little icons to configure the settings you need Buy/Sell Signal

Displays a Buy/Sell arrows in the chart. This indicate your entry for a trade. The signal works for all time frame and on any market including stocks and forex. Oscillator

The oscillator indicator shows not only several things:

  1. Overbought and oversold Conditions.
  2. Trend reversal.
  3. Potential Buy/Sell entry. Note that in the oscillator there is more Entries because each trend reversal is a potential entry. However the " Buy/Sell signal", is more accurate and provide a confirmed entry. Combined Signals

This signal is a combination of the 2 previous signals. It provides Buy/Sell arrows with a number ( 1 - 9 ) which represents the status of the oscillator. Number 1 being a good entry and 9 a good exist.