EasyCrypto Buy/Sell Indicator

EasyCrypto Buy / Sell Signals Indicator is a trend following indicator that displays a buy and sell arrows to help you to determine whether the trade is truly going in your favor. This indicator works across any time frame which gives rise to some technical trading strategies such as using multiple time frame analysis or using this method alongside other trend following strategies.

Everytime a new signal Buy or Sell signal appears! Alerts to your own dedicated discord server if you have setup a Watchlists or through our discord server for detailed entry points and updated stoploss.

Example Chart

The BTC/USD 1D chart below displays the EasyCrypto Buy/Sell Signals indicator in action.

What do these arrows mean?
  • a red arrow pointing down = sell signal
  • a green arrow pointing up = buy signal

Trade Stoploss is provided only through trading signals in discord since each trading pair has different trading profile performances.

Click this link to see the indicator in action.