Spot trade

Spot trading is designed for people who prefer to trade manually but do not have the time to watch the chart all day. Our trading bots will continue to manage your trade with constant stoploss update and monitor trend changes to protect your position.

The current feature only support Market Buy and Sell. It uses the same function as the automated trading bot when buying a pair. As we move forward we will add more advance functionality such as Limit order: Limit Buy and Limit Sell.

  • You can open a trade anytime, no need to wait for the 4h and 1d signal
  • The bots will monitor your trade 24/7 with updated stoploss base on previous asset performance

To get started;

  • Login to your Easy Crypto account > My Account button located at the top right navigation
  • Click 'New' to create a new trading 'Accounts' or select an existing trading 'Accounts you want to add a pair
  • Click 'Pairs' > Click 'New' and select the pair you want to start trading
  • Choose a 'Strategy' and click 'Start Trading' button
  • Click "Trade' icon under Trades column and click "Buy" or "Sell" button to execute a trade

Take note that some pair doesn't have any strategy available because the coin does not meet our minimum ROI requirements. This happen when a coin hasn't perform very well in the past 3 months or more. If you want to trade low roi pair, you will need to buy it manually in your exchange account while following the bot stoploss update in discord.