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Rating 3 months 6 months1 year
ROI Average ROI 46.99% 46.99%46.99%
Risk Low Risk 0/ 10 0/ 100/ 10


Month   Pair Profits Average
1 November 2019
Gain: 3.45%
Loss: 0%
1 October 2019
Gain: 37.5%
Loss: 0%
Year   Pair Profits Average
1 January 2019
Gain: 14.8%
Loss: 0%


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Profits: the return on investment ( ROI ) in percentage.
Average Gain: average gain per winning trade.
Average Loss: average loss per losing trade.
Average Duration: The average duration of one trade.
Success Rate: The number of winning trades compared to the total number of trades.
Stopped Out Rate: The number of trades stopped out compared to the total of trades. Stopped Out trades could be winning or losing trades.
Draw-down: the maximum draw-down among all trades for the strategy.
Monthly Details: give monthly statistics
Yearly Details: give yearly statistics
Strategies: Give a list of all strategies and the associated pairs
Exchanges: Give a list of all supported exchanges and the associated pairs.

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