Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your questions, please contact us in discord and ask us what you want to know.

Why should I use EasyCrypto Trading Bot?

Easy Crypto trading bots automatically trade for you multiple coins all at once with optimized stop-loss and take-profit levels — while you sleep or on holiday.

What are the benefits of using Easy Crypto?
With Easy Crypto, you can automate your busy life so you can grow your capital safely and efficiently without any trading knowledge.
1. Trading bot operates on a set of rules without greed, fear, ego or bias
2. No need to analyze charts or price actions
3. Never miss a rally or get caught in a dip, trade like a pro
4. The bots generate consistent, proven and profitable signals
5. and many more...

Is Easy Crypto Trading Bot free to use?

Easy Crypto aims to make automated trading accessible to anyone by providing a free trading signals.

How does Easy Crypto Trading Bot work?

The Easy Crypto remote controlled automated trading bots scan the markets based on sophisticated algorithm in real time for determining the most accurate market entry points. In order for a trading pair to be triggered, it depends on 2 factors;
1. Trading bots conditions - the bot has several predefined rules/conditions all of them must be met simultaneously in order to trigger a buy or sell signal.
2. Trading Frequency - it determines the time interval that the strategy uses to check if the actual market conditions at the moment meet the strategy requirements for acting on a position. The bot works on 2 different time frames daily (1D) or 4 hours (4H), those are seperate trades and strategies.
A call on the daily could sometimes last 1 month when there is a long up trend while the 4 Hours is much more short term.

There are two ways to use the bot.
1. Trading Signal via discord - it gives sell/buy alerts with stop-loss and you trade manually by yourself following the signal provided with updated stop-loss.
2. Automated Remote Trading - simply add funds to your exchange account and Easy Crypto will connect through API to execute orders.
The automated bot uses the same signal from discord alerts

Which cryptocurrency exchanges can I use Easy Crypto Trading Bot with?

We currently support Bitmex and Binance. We are working with other cryptocurrency trading exchange platforms such as Bittrex, Houbi, Bitfinex, Bitmax and many others.

How do I connect API keys from the available exchanges?

To use Easy Crypto remote controlled trading bots, you will be asked to connect your Easy Crypto account to your crypto exchanges of choice via APIs ( currently Bitmex and Binance). The process of creating your API keys is simple and can be slightly different from one exchange to another. Check this page to find all the detailed guide HERE.

Do I need to deposit funds?

No, we do not hold your funds nor have withdrawal rights, the bot simply access your exchange account through API to execute orders on your behalf, so your funds are secure and you have 100% control of all your trading.

Can I see backtest results?

Yes, visit this page to see the complete historical data of all supported pairs. You can see monthly and yearly performance for each pair on different time frames. Click HERE to see complete statistics.

Do you put stoploss for all trading positions?

Yes there is stop loss on every trades, in Bitmex we even place the stop loss before the trade to make it 100% safe. If the stop loss does not get registered eg when bitmex is overloaded we cancel the trade and try later once bitmex return to normal.

Does the trading bot ever use trailing take profit or trailing stops?

We do not define take profits, we provide a sell signal when it appear on our algo. Yes we do provide trailing stop, stop are updated every hour for every trades.
The bots do close the trades. Either because it got stop out ( which in many case is in the green based on a trailing stop ) or because the algo define that the pair is turning and therefore we close the trade, to open a trade in the other direction ( on bitmex ).

Why dont you signal more pairs?

For the moment we only signal pairs we have enough history, that have the required volatility and volume to guarantee trades with excellent return on investment. Having said that we constantly search for new pairs to trade and will add them when we feel confident they met the necessary requirements.

Can I enter a trade later if i missed the signal?

Only if the price is below entry ( for a buy signal ) and above ( for a sell signal ), otherwise you might encounter a higher loss than calculated by the bots which will reduce dramatically your Return On Investment.