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Each signals has different indicators to help you make a better choice on the quality of the signals.



Buy indicator

Sell indicator

Stoploss update indicator

Stopped out +%

Stopped out -%

Once a week we calculate the ROI of each pair for the last 3 months, 6 months, and 1 years. From those timeframe we define what is the minimum ROI as follow:

High ROI: Past 1 year minimum of 50%, past 6 months minimum 30%, past 3 months minimum 10%
Average ROI: Past 1 year minimum of 30%, past 6 months minimum 20%, past 3 months minimum 5%
Low ROI: Past 1 year minimum of 10%, past 6 months minimum 5%, past 3 months minimum -10%

Anyway pair which does not have at least a -10% ROI over 3 months, and positive ROI in 6months and 1 years will not be signaled any more in the main channels until the ROI improve. The signals which dont mean the criteria are all send to the discord channel called #bad-roi

All Signal will now have 3 new Icons attached to it, representing what we call the 3 Rs of trading ( Roi - Risk - Rsi )
ROI are represented with the diamond icon as above.

The Risk is represented with a danger sign:
Low Risk
Medium Risk
High Risk
The risk is a representation of the risk of the trade to success or fail.
RSI is actually NOT the standard trading RSI it is a proprietary oscillator indicator which works similarly as an RSI. We represent it with a number from 1 to 9.  1 being the most favorable, and 9 being the least favorable.