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  1. Click 'Dashboard area' menu located in the upper navigation
  2. Go to your trading accounts by clicking on the Accounts button or menu.
  3. Once you have created your account, click 'Pairs' to add a trading pairs
  4. In the pairs page, Click 'New' and select a pair
  5. Select a 'strategy' and fill in all necessary information in order to start trading
  6. Click 'Done' to when you are finished


Follow this article to help you better decide what pair to choose.



  1. Pair: choose the pair your want to trade. You can only trade one pair with one strategy at a time on the same account. So you cannot trade the 4H and 1D of a pair on the same account.
  2. Strategy: define what strategy need to be used to trade the pair.
  3. Percentage: define how much percentage of your total account you want to trade for this trade. Once the percentage chosen the capital to used will be automatically calculated and adjusted after each trade based on the total balance of the account.
  4. Direction: by default the direction of trade is what is available for the account and pair. However you can overwrite that and choose to only take the Buy signals when you think the market is very bullish.
  5. Long Leverage: Choose the leverage to use for long trade.
  6. Short Leverage: Choose the leverage to use for short trade.
  7. Active: for the pair to be able to trade you need to make sure it is active.

Note that not all exchange trading pairs are available because the coin does not have enough history required, volatility and volume to guarantee trades with excellent return on investment. Having said that we constantly search for new pairs to trade and will add them when we feel confident they met the necessary requirements.