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Friendly Reminder!
Take note that if you do not want to use the automated trading bot, you can also do the trading manually which means you open/close the trade by yourself by following the "Trade Signal" provided in discord.

  1. Login to
  2. Click My account button from the top right menu
  3. Select Trading icon to access your trading area
  4. In the trading page, click 'new' button to create your trading account. You must provide an account name and trading exchange
  5. Click 'Save' to saves your changes
  6. Select 'type' > 'Live Trading' or 'Simulation'
  7. Define your Acceptable ROI : Allows you choose in your account what is the minimum ROI you expect from the trade. Please understand this is NOT the minimum ROI you will get! Nobody can predict the future not even the most fancy AI. Based on your settings in your Account there are pairs that you will NOT be available for trade any more. By default we set all existing account to High ROI requirements. Therefore any pair which had lower ROI expectation might get stopped automatically at the end of the current trade.
  8. Tradable: Define how much of the total account balance should be traded by the bot.
  9. Enter your Bitmex api keys or Binance exchange API
  10. Click 'Save' to saves your changes

For simulation environment, your account is provided with a balance worth 1 BTC(monopoly money) to play with.

Note that the Automated Trading Bot is only available to Bitmex and Binance exchange.



If you want to get notified with every trade, you must provide your email or discord channel.
Discord Channel: This need to be a discord channel URL, not a discord id. To get a discord channel url, simply create your own discord server and from there you can create a discord channel. In the discord channel you create a webhook and copy the URL which will look like :